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Don’t wait until the January fitness panic. I’m going to be running a fitness class on the Glebe field, starting Friday 8th January for 6 weeks. All ages and abilities welcome. Book here, places are limited and prices go up after Xmas so get in quick.

As many of you will know, a couple of years ago I got togther with Life Coach Jacqui Ripley to write our very successful first book “the Little Exercise Book for a Flat Tummy’.

We were amazed by the the great feedback we received, this is what Jane from Reading a 48 year old mother of 3 told us: “I’m not very good on the computer and have never bought an ebook before, so was a bit scared to buy it in case I messed it up! I wanted to write to say thank you to both experts – the way everything was explained was fantastic, it made me feel normal, understood and not patronised. I am doing the exercises and have changed my eating habits. I’m now 12 kilo’s lighter and my tummy is almost back to what it was all those years ago pre-pregnancy. “

Ann from Manchester wrote the following: “Great book, non patronising, simple to understand and quite frankly fantastic! I was really surprised at the quality and layout, especially as it was such a good price. I have bought ebooks before and they have been nothing like this! “

So Jacqui and I decided to write another one – this time focusing on that other great problem area – the bum!

Just like the tummy, the bottom is a part of the body that’s linked to self esteem, and if you are not prepared to put in some work, can easily slide southwards with too much sitting around and one eye off healthy eating. Paranoid backward glances in the mirror have fuelled a multi million pound industry in the selling of lotions and treatments that all profess to shape up a sad looking posterior. But sorry girls’, although we wish we could wave a magic wand and your butt would be world class, you really do have to kick some ass if you want a bum to be proud of
In our new ebook we give you your first steps on getting a wobbly and dimpled bottom firmer and your skin tone smoother. We don’t profess it’s going to be easy – some of the exercises will make your bum and legs ache, but stick with it and the results will begin to speak for themselves. And if you work in our healthy eating rules, before long you won’t recognise yourself from behind. What better motivation do you need?
You can download an edited extract for free from my website (copy & paste link, can’t get it to link directly today)
The full eBook is a 3.2 Mb pdf file costing the special price of £1.99. Click on the front cover image complete the PayPal payment and a download link will be emailed to you.

Happy bootcamping :)