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Tough & Buff in 2016

December 21st, 2015

I’m beyond delighted to be fronting The Children’s Society Tough and Buff campaign.
Join me and get fit, have fun and save lives.

I know I nag you all every summer but it really is important to try and stay healthy on holiday! All that work you put into getting a Bikini Body – it’s madness to then spend two weeks being totally inactive and stuffing yourself with chips – you’ll come back feeling tired and bloated. It makes far more sense to use the opportunity to exercise in different ways in different surroundings.

This summer we’re going to Gozo and I shall be combining work and play – I especially need to keep in shape this summer as I have filming for my new series of fitness DVDs when I get back. I have lots of favourite ways to do this out there – the beach is a half hour walk from the house for a start (for those of you that have to climb down a cliff to get to the beach you’re even luckier!). When we get to the beach, the inflatables we use (a Mantaray and a Killer Whale) were craftily chosen by me to be difficult to get onto – plenty of exercise is obtained through repeated climbing on and falling offs!

Big Girl will come training along the beach with me – usually either an early morning power walk or run-walk combined with circuits on the beach (incorporating wave jumping etc). Walking knee deep in the water along the shoreline for a mile to buy healthy snacks is a fantastic cooling exercise.

I also find that digging myself out of live buriel in the sand by the kids provides quite a lot of exercise!

Every evening we might even round off the day with a game of frisbee or rounders on the beach.

Away from the beach, we always go Self Catering so that I can make sure we eat healthily. Around the house itself, I’ve devised cunning plans to keep us in shape – every other day we do a 20 minute circuit round the house and I wear pads on my feet to polish the floor – it looks a bit as though I’m auditioning for ‘Dancing on Ice’ but it definitely gets me moving!

Life’s lessons are easy to learn if we start our kids on them when they’re young. So, regular exercise, improved overall fitness and eating healthy food can become the norm almost before before children have had a chance to do things differently!

But how can you get your children to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Many parents call me and ask me to get their children fitter and sort out their diet, but I always start with parents first, to make sure the messages they give their children are the right ones. Put simply: don’t preach, lead by example! Read this story »