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The kids are back to school and peace reigns! I’m starting the week by seeing Personal Training clients in London – just to make sure they haven’t been naughty while I’ve been away!

Last week I taking part in a Photoshoot for the Breast Cancer Campaign to promote their exciting Girls vs Boys event in May.

After the excitement of that, it’s back to the usual household chores – I still haven’t unpacked from my trip to Helsinki and now I have to re-pack for a trip to Germany this week. I’m going to be shown around the NIVEA laboratory’s in Hamburg to meet the Scientists and have Sushi at my favorite restaurant(Oh the joy of being cooked for)

Back at the Maxwell Zoo I’ve been trying to improve the eating habits of our older dog Sophie (who is a habitual bin-raider) – I’ve put her on quite a strict diet with only carrots for treats, however instead of embracing her new healthy lifestyle, Sophie decided to totally embarrass me by breaking into next door’s house and stealing a whole pat of butter off their kitchen work surface! This was followed up a couple of days later by a call from an angry local farmer to say that she was sampling their pig swill!