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Tough & Buff in 2016

December 21st, 2015

I’m beyond delighted to be fronting The Children’s Society Tough and Buff campaign.
Join me and get fit, have fun and save lives.

Don’t wait until the January fitness panic. I’m going to be running a fitness class on the Glebe field, starting Friday 8th January for 6 weeks. All ages and abilities welcome. Book here, places are limited and prices go up after Xmas so get in quick.

2015 and perfection

January 19th, 2015

Happy 2015 lovely people,

At this time of year most people are not feeling at their physical best. We’ve all experienced this – over Christmas there is a tendency to eat more and move around less and by January we’re all feeling a bit unfit and bloated but determined to do something about it. It’s at this time of year that I get the most questions related to Celebrity Bodies – how do they manage to look fabulous all year round?

The answer is simple – they don’t!

Over my career I have been called on many times to get a notable person in shape in time for a major event. For celebrities it is their job to look fantastic – they spend huge amounts of time and money on it. The important thing to realize is that (apart from a few mad individuals), they don’t work at it for 52 weeks of the year! Most celebrities keep a diary of the major events during the year for which they need to look fabulous for example a Red Carpet event or a beach holiday when they know they’ll be papped.

Four weeks or more before the event the celebrity will call on the services of a team of experts for help. They will go on a really strict diet, they will start a punishing exercise routine, they will spend a fortune on beauty treatments and clothes. They will even FAKE IT – it’s a little known fact that a skilled spray tan technician can with the use of ‘dark contouring’ create abs on those without the perfect washboard stomach!

After the event the celebrity will drop all this extra work and their bodies will return to a near approximation of a mere mortals. Woe betide them if they get caught on camera in this point of their cycle – poor Leonardo di Caprio was caught out in this way – displaying a slight tummy on a family holiday for which he hadn’t prepped!

My point is that for the rest of us we shouldn’t beat ourselves up trying to achieve this level, remember how they look could make or break a career! Our goal should just be to be the best that we can be within the restraints of our daily life and budget!

Reebok/Debenhams Fit Hubs

September 17th, 2014

I had a fantastic time most weekends throughout July this year when I took part in the Reebok / Debenhams Fithubs. Fithubs are basically a genius way of making fitness advice more accessible. Fitbars were set up in Debenhams where I would give a free fitness consultation to customers who were then able to go on and have a free massage plus 10% off Reebok clothing – what’s not to like!!

I had a wonderful time meeting lots of lovely people in Debenhams stores based in Essex, Bristol, Southampton, Newcastle and Manchester. It was also a non stop whirl of radio and magazine interviews handled by PR company who were an absolute delight to work with!

A varied few weeks

June 3rd, 2014

The last few weeks have been very sad – Sophie, my grand old lady died on Easter Monday. She was nearly 15. We have all been slowly adjusting to life without her. Benson especially, has found it very hard and has taken to making a collection of dog shaped soft toys to cuddle up to. I’ve been trying to concentrate on the positive with him – after so many years of only going for short sedate walks he and I can now go off on long romps together around the surrounding woods and farmland.

I also had a lovely distraction in the shape of a trip to Jaipur in India. I’ve never been to India before and I fell totally in love with both the country and the people. Doing Meditation and Yoga there was altogether a far more authentic experience. I did consider going for a run but the traffic made that too scary a proposition plus I wasn’t really appropriately dressed. In the end I did lots of water fitness in the very warm water of the pool.

I’ve started Karate! Youngest Maxwell has talked me into signing up at his club and the first session was mortifying. I am the oldest by at least 25 years! 30 minutes of staring and giggling from the little ones until they finally accepted that I was ok.

I continue to enjoy my weekly coaching sessions at our local athletics club and am so excited by the start of the new Athletics season that I’m just about to invest in a pair of sprint blocks. I might even sneak them along for the ‘Mum’s Race’ on youngest Maxwell’s Sports Day – not that I’m competitive or anything!

Spring is in the air

April 15th, 2014

Well, Spring seems to have sprung and along with it a sudden unexpected interest in gardening! This week has seen me out in the garden armed with secateurs hacking away at anything that didn’t move. My arms are certainly feeling as though they’ve had a good workout!

The only downside to all this lovely spring weather is the unwelcome return of my Hayfever and associated problems!

I’ve been bravely battling on though and have finally finished filming my new collection of Fitness DVDs. They’re now in Editing but I can’t wait to see the end results!

I’ve also been working on some personal fitness programmes for some lovely competition winners that I met recently in Prague

This weekend I had the honour of coaching young atheletes alongside Steve Green of I can honestly say that Steve is one of my all time heroes – a real coaching Guru who has become one of the top Conditioning coaches in the world.

Well, the kids broke up for Easter a few days ago and with the nice weather I can see that the local swimming pool and tennis courts are going to feature quite large. The youngest Maxwell is also booked onto a council run Cricket course which he’s really looking forward to.

I’ve also decided that we need to give out National Trust card a bit more of a bashing – we’re very lucky to have a few properties locally that are ideal for long family walks.

We’re also not too far from the wonderfully historic Penshurst Place and it’s lovely adventure playground. I took the youngest Maxwell there last week and me being me I couldn’t help ignoring the sign that says ‘under 16s’ only – I had a fantastic workout on the equipment! I was enthusing about it to my assistant Kate and she suggested that we build our own one at home using all the trees that blew down in the recent gales – food for thought!

At the end of my last blog I asked for suggestions as to where to go on my forthcoming trip to Berlin.

I would just like to thank everybody on twitter sarahmax100 and Facebook for their wonderful suggestions, there were so many and they were so great that I feel I could write a guide book to Berlin!

We had an absolutely fantastic time. Every meal we had was perfect and there were so many amazing things to see in the city.  It was Valentine’s day and I loved that there were no set menu’s and plastic hearts everywhere.

The highlights for me were the beautiful Reichtstag, the Holocaust Memorial, the Anne Frank museum and of course the Berlin Wall. It’s a city so steeped in recent history that’s a bit of a shock to remember that the Wall only came down in 1989.

We were brought back to the realities of family life with a bump on returning from the airport, when I was informed by telephone that Youngest Maxwell had fallen off the sofa and broken his arm! Instead of going home, we diverted to the hospital instead where we spent the next two days camped out with the little casualty!

After a subdued half term ruined somewhat by Youngest Maxwell’s broken arm and subsequent boredom, I was quite looking forward to my trip to Nivea in Budapest  this week to launch their Q10 Fit Club.

From the moment I arrived I was in ‘Girly Heaven’ Instead of my usual exercise demonstration they had arranged for Glamour Magazine to do an all-day photoshoot of the exercises.  First though I had to be ‘glammed up’ and a makeup artist arrived with the biggest box of tricks I’d ever seen!  Next my hair was styled and then they started dressing me up in various ‘new season’ outfits my favourite of which oddly was a white rubber skirt! I felt like a dolly and it was in complete contrast to harassed mum of two that I’d been in the previous week!

The following day I attended a Press Event in central Budapest which is a beautiful city full of very friendly people.  After that I travelled I meet the Nivea team at Biersdorf and take part in a Magazine shoot and several interviews.

All in all it was a lovely couple of days and as usual I had great fun with the Nivea team who are always a delight to work with!

Moving again!

February 11th, 2014

Well we’ve actually done it! we’ve finally made a permanent move to the country! This week we moved into our new home (that we own rather than rent) – it’s been a long old process as I reminded Mr M last night when we watched an old DVD of us appearing on the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’. I’d secretly applied for us to be on the programme years ago when I wanted to move to the country but he didn’t – sneaky eh? Through the course of the programme we only viewed three country properties but by the third I’d won him round and many years of viewing properties in several different counties followed!

So our new home is hard won but worth it – I love waking up every morning looking out onto nothing but fields

My usual regime of fitting in exercise around all my other chores, has for the last week revolved around the lifting of an excessive amount of boxes. They may mostly contain rubbish but my arms are definitely ready for the shorter sleeves of summer!

In between the move I’ve thankfully still managed to put in my stint coaching at Tonbridge Athletics club. As always I’m in awe of the total dedication given by this amazing group of professionals. They give up their time, not for money but through a sheer love of sport and a desire to realise the dreams of the next generation of Sports men and women.

So after an exhausting week or so I’m very excited to be off on a trip to Berlin! I’ve never been before so I’d love to get some tweets from all you lovely people with ideas of places to visit – @SarahMax100


November 5th, 2013

After many years away from Athletics I was very excited a few weeks ago when Tonbridge Athletics club accepted my offer to do some voluntary coaching.  When I turned up the first week, the adrenalin rush that hit confirmed to me just how much I had missed the whole world of Athletics.

I have to say that there is some serious talent there (including I’m sure some future Olympians!) and they are a delight to teach!  I’m now starting to get quite excited about the Brazil Olympics!

In the meantime my Claygate team are going great guns and their fitness sessions with me should see them in peak condition for the Christmas parties!

My outdoor classes on our local common also continue despite the new chill in the air, it’s been a good measure of general hardiness though as I’ve seen numbers drop off as the drizzle has set in.  Unfortunately we have to accept that we live in England not the Carribbean, and have started devising a new workout that can be done whilst wearing Wellies and rainhats!

I know I nag you all every summer but it really is important to try and stay healthy on holiday! All that work you put into getting a Bikini Body – it’s madness to then spend two weeks being totally inactive and stuffing yourself with chips – you’ll come back feeling tired and bloated. It makes far more sense to use the opportunity to exercise in different ways in different surroundings.

This summer we’re going to Gozo and I shall be combining work and play – I especially need to keep in shape this summer as I have filming for my new series of fitness DVDs when I get back. I have lots of favourite ways to do this out there – the beach is a half hour walk from the house for a start (for those of you that have to climb down a cliff to get to the beach you’re even luckier!). When we get to the beach, the inflatables we use (a Mantaray and a Killer Whale) were craftily chosen by me to be difficult to get onto – plenty of exercise is obtained through repeated climbing on and falling offs!

Big Girl will come training along the beach with me – usually either an early morning power walk or run-walk combined with circuits on the beach (incorporating wave jumping etc). Walking knee deep in the water along the shoreline for a mile to buy healthy snacks is a fantastic cooling exercise.

I also find that digging myself out of live buriel in the sand by the kids provides quite a lot of exercise!

Every evening we might even round off the day with a game of frisbee or rounders on the beach.

Away from the beach, we always go Self Catering so that I can make sure we eat healthily. Around the house itself, I’ve devised cunning plans to keep us in shape – every other day we do a 20 minute circuit round the house and I wear pads on my feet to polish the floor – it looks a bit as though I’m auditioning for ‘Dancing on Ice’ but it definitely gets me moving!

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