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This week I’m gearing up for The Breast Cancer Campaign Girls v Boys 5k race which will be held in Southwark Park, London, on Sunday 20 May. As you may already know, I’m captaining the girls and Rugby sevens player, Chris Cracknell is doing the same for the boys. It’s a race with a difference: runners will compete against partners of the opposite sex, with both aiming to outdo each other with their race times and fundraising. Of course the girls are going to win but I need as many of you as possible to sign up to make sure! You can register at

I’m also preparing for my trip next week to Belgium where I will be working with a leading health club on behalf of NIVEA, teaching their instructors my fitness philosophy – I’m so pleased that I’ll be traveling on the wonderful Eurostar and not having to queue for hours at the airport!
Tomorrow I’m back in London working for the Swiss magazine ‘Annabelle’. I’ll be doing a training session with a very nice lady who like me is constantly on the go and finds it very hard to fit in exercise. I’ve actually had to set an alarm on my computer this week to remind me to get up every half an hour and move around – I found I was getting back ache from sitting at my desk for so long!
When we moved from London to the country last year I assumed that we would all be living a much healthier outdoorsy life and to a certain extent we are – it’s wonderful to wake up in the morning to a view of fields and to know that I only have to climb over the garden fence to go for a long walk with the dogs. The downside though is the amount of time that is spent in the car going from A to B because distances between things are far greater than compared to London! It does present a whole new fitness challenge – Mr M rose to it splendidly this morning however when he ditched the car in favour of cycling all the way to the (local but still miles away) station! I didn’t like to tell him that heavy hail is forecast for his return!
Another downside to life out here is all the trees! yes I know they look very pretty and are incredibly important to the whole eco system but they’re playing havoc with my Hay Fever! The doctor says it’s because they’re different trees to those in London and my system just needs to get used to them – I guess it will with time – at least the hideous ‘Trout Pout’ I’ve been sporting for the last 2 weeks has gone at last!
Kate brought my handmade Jubilee bunting with her this morning and we’ve decorated the dining room with it just in case Her Majesty should decide to pop in for tea during her travels around the country! To see the bunting go to: