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Oh dear, my new years resolution to keep on top of my blog has already slipped slightly – I’m a week behind, but in my defense may I point out that it has been an extremely busy week! After a lot of preparation, meetings and a rehearsal I spent all last Friday filming with Reebok NIVEA and M&C Saatchi for the Reebok EasyTone Workout DVD. I have to say it was actually very relaxed and great fun with some quality team work going on between all involved.

I got back very late on Friday night but ready for a family weekend. The highlight of Saturday was a ‘date’ in Waitrose with Hubby- it was the first time in ages that we’d gone together to a supermarket and it felt incredibly ‘naughty’ being alone with him! The freedom obviously went to our heads as we nearly got into trouble trolley racing across the carpark (great cardio vascular exercise though!!)

Once inside, the opportunities for exercise opened up even further as I discovered that I could use the trolley to do rotation exercises to tone up my abs and Hubby used the checkout queue to practise his Pilates.

Back home again I had the boring task of doing a weeks housework in advance in order to have everything ready for my week long trip to The Czech Republic and Slovakia – more on this next week…

The New Year

January 11th, 2012

Life returns more or less back to normal this week with the kids returning to school, mind you any plans I had for a bit more ‘me’ time were trashed last night when the new guinea pigs decided to have some sort of testosterone-fuelled punch-up resulting in the more severely wounded ‘pig’ having to be carried around in the front pouch of my sweatshirt all evening. It’s not the easiest thing in the world attempting to perform squats while simultaneously keeping a guinea pig stuffed up your front!!

Sanity returns later this week when I will be in London filming the DVD for the Reebok Easy Tone Challenge and next week I’m off to Prague and Bratislava to attend Nivea press conferences and photo shoots (hopefully minus the guinea pig!)

On my return, I’m looking forward to a day in the beautiful Kent countryside for the first of my one-day female only BootCamps which will be held on Tuesday 24th January. If you’re interested in coming along to join in the fun and kickstart your new healthier 2012 please contact Annabelle Perry for details at email address hidden

In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a copy of my book: “The Little Exercise Book for a Flat Tummy’. Available to order for download from this website, the book contains a workable programme of exercise, nutrition and self belief that will have you flaunting your very own Fab Abs this summer!

2011 Roundup

December 19th, 2011

Well, it’s been a bit of a mad year all in all! and I’m afraid the blog did fall by the wayside . We moved house in the summer and the children have been settling into their new schools, and we also found out that our lovely old dog Sophie had a Brain Tumour, now removed and watching and waiting, fingers crossed. To get in on the act, our other dog Benson has been steadily chewing his way through all the furniture in the new house & together they have managed to ransack the wrapped Christmas presents & got to the chocolate as well as both advent calendars!

Work though, has been really interesting this year, I’ll give you a quick snapshot:

One of the highlights was doing a photoshoot with Nivea Germany for the WellFit magazine and meeting the lovely Dutch model Mendi. Thankfully everyone spoke English otherwise I would have been really stuck!

My major achievement of the year was having my children think something I’ve done is actually cool! – I reached this dizzying height of attainment when I flew out to the Ubisoft MoCap Studios in Montreal to be made into an avatar for the xbox Kinect game ‘Your Shape Fitness Evolved’.

I’ve also had lots of fun filming new content for the Nivea Fitness Club and also filming the Easy Tone Challenge for Nivea and Reebok.
Talking of Grazia I did a photoshoot for them last week. They glammed me up so much and it was great but the only trouble was I had to dash back to attend my daughter’s school Christmas concert and didn’t have time to take it all off – I did get some funny looks – especially from the Headmaster! If you want to see my ‘new look’ it’s out tomorrow (20th December)

I’m currently working on a new book but I’m going to keep you in suspense as to what it’s about! but it will be available in the new year though

Talking of the new year, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’m going to be starting a series of one day Ladies Only fun fitness Bootcamps starting on Tuesday 24th January. It’s going to be held in the beautiful Kent countryside with a lovely old barn on site in case it rains! It should be lots of fun and I hope some of you can come.

In the meantime… I wonder which one of the pile of still unopened boxes, I packed the Christmas decorations into?….


December 7th, 2011

After the runaway success of the Spanish retreats and to address the growing demand for quick fix fitness solutions, I’ve decided to trial a one day Ladies’ Only Fun Fitness Bootcamp in the beautiful Kent countryside in January.

As you all know, I’m not an old style army type instructor and I don’t enjoy punishing people – HOWEVER I will be joined by Charlie who is an ex army commando trainer (he’s also a real sweetie!) All ages and levels of fitness are invited to come along and have a Fun-Fitness-Boosting day – it’s going to be a fantastic way to kick start 2012!

As you may have gathered from earlier blogs I’m not an early riser and the thought of standing in the rain at 6.30am fills me with horror! I am also a slave of the school run so the camp will start at 9.30 and finish at 4pm. If the weather is bad we have use of a beautiful old barn.

A wide range of activities will be on offer with something for everyone – my goal for 2012 is to widen the appeal of fun but effective exercise

If the Bootcamp is a success then I shall be holding more throughout the year – as the weather improves we can actually get out into the beautiful surrounding countryside and enjoy nature as we get fit at the same time!

The day will cost £65, please let Annabelle know if you would like to join us

I will also be holding more Retreats in 2012

All in all, I’ve had a very busy but inspiring year and will look back at the best bits in my next blog

Hi everyone,
Here is the introduction from my e book with beauty journalist Jacqui Ripley. You can download it from my website(click the book on the first page) and get your belly in shape for Summer. Love Sarah xxx Read this story »

Many apologies to all you lovely people who have signed on to receive my blogs – and I have gone quiet for months! My excuse? Life has been rather mad. But finally I’ve managed to find some time and am happy to update you on where I left off last time…my flight to South Africa. Yes, I managed to check-in on the right day (finally) and what an amazing country. Here’s my micro diary:

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Oh dear

September 22nd, 2010

This last week has been one of great excitement in the Maxwell 
household. The children especially liked having a camera crew in our house for three days filming for Nivea – all of the family were involved, even the dogs! The other mums at school must be all wondering what I have been up to – it’s not every day I turn up with full makeup on, with my hair looking wonderful whilst wearing smart clothes!
The last few days have been especially crazy. I’ve had to fit in PT clients, 
pack and prepare for my presentations and live TV debut in 
Johannesburg. On top of that I have been organising childcare, dog care and directing my husband which have all taken time not to mention, fitting in exercise and ensuring that I eat well and have plenty of rest.

Due to the high speed of my life at the moment I have had to be extremely organised 
and I am really proud that I have achieved so much this week. Last night we all sat down and have a farewell dinner, it’s not every often I go away for a night alone let alone for a whole week without the children – it has been a big event. Bed time hugs seemed to go on forever and so I was ready for my huge trip!


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Life’s lessons are easy to learn if we start our kids on them when they’re young. So, regular exercise, improved overall fitness and eating healthy food can become the norm almost before before children have had a chance to do things differently!

But how can you get your children to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Many parents call me and ask me to get their children fitter and sort out their diet, but I always start with parents first, to make sure the messages they give their children are the right ones. Put simply: don’t preach, lead by example! Read this story »

Curvy or not?

June 16th, 2010

I had to laugh (or was it a scream) today when reading one of the more  popular celeb interest mags!! Now being curvy is in, last week everyone was juicing and going on a detox to be perfect  and skinny on the beach. Give us a break, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE WOMEN WRITING THIS STUFF- GO ON SHOW YOURSELVES, I know you have to change your minds as often as you change your pants in order to create new  interest every week but don’t you think we girls need to support each other instead of bitching about what ???? looks like, how much cellulite she had in order for us to feel better. Lets feel great and show the world that whatever shape or size you are, you are great and if you judge it’s only to make yourself better because it’s you with the insecurities.

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