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As many of you will know, a couple of years ago I got togther with Life Coach Jacqui Ripley to write our very successful first book “the Little Exercise Book for a Flat Tummy’.

We were amazed by the the great feedback we received, this is what Jane from Reading a 48 year old mother of 3 told us: “I’m not very good on the computer and have never bought an ebook before, so was a bit scared to buy it in case I messed it up! I wanted to write to say thank you to both experts – the way everything was explained was fantastic, it made me feel normal, understood and not patronised. I am doing the exercises and have changed my eating habits. I’m now 12 kilo’s lighter and my tummy is almost back to what it was all those years ago pre-pregnancy. “

Ann from Manchester wrote the following: “Great book, non patronising, simple to understand and quite frankly fantastic! I was really surprised at the quality and layout, especially as it was such a good price. I have bought ebooks before and they have been nothing like this! “

So Jacqui and I decided to write another one – this time focusing on that other great problem area – the bum!

Just like the tummy, the bottom is a part of the body that’s linked to self esteem, and if you are not prepared to put in some work, can easily slide southwards with too much sitting around and one eye off healthy eating. Paranoid backward glances in the mirror have fuelled a multi million pound industry in the selling of lotions and treatments that all profess to shape up a sad looking posterior. But sorry girls’, although we wish we could wave a magic wand and your butt would be world class, you really do have to kick some ass if you want a bum to be proud of
In our new ebook we give you your first steps on getting a wobbly and dimpled bottom firmer and your skin tone smoother. We don’t profess it’s going to be easy – some of the exercises will make your bum and legs ache, but stick with it and the results will begin to speak for themselves. And if you work in our healthy eating rules, before long you won’t recognise yourself from behind. What better motivation do you need?
You can download an edited extract for free from my website (copy & paste link, can’t get it to link directly today)
The full eBook is a 3.2 Mb pdf file costing the special price of £1.99. Click on the front cover image complete the PayPal payment and a download link will be emailed to you.

Happy bootcamping :)

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog! that felt like the longest and coldest Easter Holidays EVER! I hate the cold so changed my exercise regime to include more indoor activities, however it turned out to be almost as cold inside as out – we’d forgotten that living in the middle of the countryside, it’s very important to keep an eye on the level of oil in the oil tank – and we ran out! We spent a few days dressed in Salopettes with Workouts every five minutes just to keep warm! I can report that jogging on the spot whilst on the phone is actually a very effective way of burning calories!

As it was a long holiday for the kids we decided to pursue a bit of a retro vibe and spent some of ours at Butlins Bognor Regis which I love but hadn’t been to since I was eleven! Of course, it being England in April it was FREEZING however the staff were warm – in fact they were outstanding. Opportunities to embarrass the kids were plentiful – they begged me not to join in with the Elvis singalong, they walked out when I joined in with the Barney kids singalong (with actions) in the Central Plaza but what really finished them off was my rendition of Steve Tyler’s ‘Don’t want to Miss a Thing’ accompanied by my genuine air guitar!

On our return we were straight into all the fun of Lambing Season on the farm – the kids loved it and I have some really sweet photos of woolly cuddle sessions. There have however also been sad moments and close shaves (excuse the pun). Driving out through the farm one day we encountered a lamb that had got itself strung up on some string – I dashed back to our house to get a knife and Mr M managed to cut it free. Another lamb turned out to be not so lucky – I came across the Shepherdess giving one of the newborns some antibiotics, however it wasn’t expected to survive very long as it had contracted a virus. We took the lamb back with us and cuddled it for an hour or so to give the reassurance of Touch at it’s end – honestly, we’d make really bad farmers – we’re both far too soft!

On a (slightly) lighter note, having run the London Marathon in the past and knowing how hard the training is I’d like to say Good Luck to everyone running in the London Marathon…from my sofa! Seriously though – after seeing the news of the horror at the Boston Marathon it will make the London one all the more emotional to watch.

Bloom Fitness Retreat

March 23rd, 2013

It’s the start of Spring- and of course it’s SNOWING! – I SO can’t wait to get to Majorca for this years ‘Fitness Retreat’ which is being held on the 8 – 13 May.  It’s going to be great – the venue is the Media Guru Lynne Frank’s amazing 17th Century Monastical house in Deia.  I did a pre-visit last April (well you’ve got to haven’t you) and I was just blown away – the place is STUNNING! It wasn’t just the incredible views of sea and mountains and the lush grounds full of lemon and orange groves, it was the surprisingly homely feel to the actual house that I fell in love with and made me feel totally relaxed from the moment I arrived.

Deliberately kept to a small number of ladies to ensure maximum comfort and results and also a convivial atmosphere, this will be a journey of total indulgence! No level of fitness is required – just a desire to embrace new ideas and an ability to have fun with other like-minded individuals. I want you to return lighter, energised and revitalised, ; ideas for your future wellbeing; exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home and delicious healthy recipes.  Speaking of food, I was blown away by that too – this is definitely not going to be a starvation boot camp – we’re talking delicious healthy snacks while meals are going to be devised by ‘nutritionist to the stars’ Jeannette Jackson and cooked by Lynne’s local chef.

So ladies – this will be a real treat of a retreat! but hurry as there are only 8 places available  More details and a link to book are on my Retreats page

Life work and stuff

March 7th, 2013

Last week I went back to my roots and held the first of my new Monday morning exercise classes in our village hall. It’s been a very long time since I’d last done something like this but it was fab! The class was quite a mix of abilities but everyone really got into the spirit and great fun was had by all. The highlight of the class was when a very young Bin Man (sorry – Council Refuse Collector) knocked on the door to ask one of the ladies to move her car as it was blocking the narrow road and I loudly announced that we were in the middle of our Pelvic Floor exercises – thank you very much! The poor guy turned a very distinct shade of beetroot red.

Big girls exam results were posted on Friday so by Saturday morning I was a basket case. I heard the postman and was in such a hurry to get the letter I jumped out of the downstairs window wearing only a vest top and pants. This week I have avoided the postman!

Kate, my exercise phobic assistant, has since confessed that she only came to the first class to support me but had so much fun that she came back again this week and has signed up for the whole course.

Other than that I have been extremely busy working on an exciting new project for NIVEA which is all coming to a head next week. I’ve only had time to do shortie workouts and on-the-go exercises whilst multi tasking. I did get to stay in a hand picked hotel in Brands Hatch though and used their Reebok Functional Training Zone. I was in complete Girl Fitness Heaven! it was totally my kind of gym – I loved everything about it and will definitely be going back.

Diets, Speedboats & Exercise

February 11th, 2013

I have decided to take on a few PT clients in Kent(It’s about time) and start a regular weekly exercise class for the lovely Ladies around here and I’m really looking forward to it.

I am also sponsoring and training a fantastic power boat racing team called Team Grey Ghost ensuring that they get in shape for the big race.

I’ve already started working with Team member, Mel Streek teaching him the ways in which his exercise regime will benefit his performance in the race. In the next few months, he will be documenting his progress within a blog, highlighting the importance of good health and a positive attitude towards fitness.

Check out Mel’s blog here

As many of you know, I’m not a fan of diets BUT I have just read Jeannette Jackson’s ‘Drop Zone Diet” and let me tell you, THIS LADY KNOWS HER STUFF!

Buy Jeannette’s book from

The New Year

January 29th, 2013

Well hello there! Hope you all had a fab Christmas break, sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged – I can’t believe my last blog entry was on 12th Dec! – you can tell what it’s been like.
Apart from the usual chaos of Christmas, we’ve had the snow to contend with – and not the polite sugar dusting I was used to in London, oh no – out here in rural Kent it REALLY knows how to snow!! Saying that, it has actually been a great opportunity for us all to engage in more unusual forms of exercise – rolling big balls of snow to make snowmen is great for toning the arms; trudging through snow drifts in wellies really works the legs, running around having snowball fights is very aerobic – the list is endless! My favourite snow exercise of course is sledging! – I’m not sure who enjoys it more – me or the kids, and the best bit is that climbing back up the hill dragging the sledge burns tons of calories!
Of course it’s not all pastoral perfection – living where we do, on a farm in the middle of nowhere means regular power cuts! Over the past few weeks we’ve regularly had to do without lights or heating, I tell you – It’s been like a re-enactment of horrible histories! At one point I was reduced to working from bed wearing my ski suit!
Meanwhile,  choreography with Dan has been going well and we’re nearly ready for filming. As my eldest will agree, I’m by no means the worlds best dancer but I’m trying to improve!

Blog 12 December 2012

I mentioned last week that I’d incorporated my weight training workout into the Christmas Shopping, well this week I took it to unintentional extremes! I went shopping to a nearby town and left my car in an unfamiliar carpark, now at this point a sensible person would take note of their surroundings to aid return wouldn’t they? well, that not being my style I just merrily strode off looking forward to a day of shopping.

Fast forward to late afternoon and with just enough time before school pick up – I set off with SIX bags on EACH ARM to return to the car. By now of course, it’s dark and I’m in a strange part of town and somebody’s moved the carpark!!!

An hour and a half later, with arms trailing on the floor like a gorilla and feet beginning to bleed (knew I shouldn’t have worn heels) the carpark suddenly decides to re-materialise and I collapse sobbing and shaking into the car and head off to school where they were very kindly holding onto the youngest Maxwell whilst I was ‘held up in a meeting’.

My penance for my outrageous porky came the next morning when my arms were so painful that I could barely move them!

Further penance followed in the form of Sophie – we all knew that she was a bit of a chocaholic but this week she’s turned into a chocolate seeking missile – first she ate the childrens’ Advent calendars and then this morning she managed to seek out and snaffle the eldest Maxwell’s chocolate Secret Santa that she was meant to take into school today!

I’m going to try and forget about all the stress this week as youngest Maxwell is singing at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall in London with the Young Voices Foundation. (

I’ve also had lots of fun working on choreography for a new project. The lovely Dan O’Neil has been helping me with this – the poor guy has really had his work cut out trying to improve my co-ordination!

Well, I guess that’s me for this year, I doubt I’ll have time to blog over the next couple of weeks so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas – try not to totally abandon your workouts over the holidays, if you keep up a ‘skeleton’ regime you won’t feel so bad when things return to normal in the New Year! x

Christmas run up

December 4th, 2012

Well here we are, not many days days till Christmas, party scene in full swing and I’ve decided to be sensible this year (“at last!” pipes up Mr M in the background). Before I go out to a party I’m going to have a little something to eat before I leave the house so that I don’t end up wrestling the canape waiter to the ground because I’m so hungry.

If three courses are on offer, I’m only going to have two – starter and main course. If pudding looks good, I’ll ditch the starter.

Obviously it’s been hard to find the time to exercise so I’ve been doing lots of ‘On the Go’ stuff whilst whizzing round the house and doing a few shortie workouts, plus the muddy dog walks. Christmas shopping has also presented lots of exercise opportunities -witness plenty of weight lifting and power walking around the shopping centre.

I’m determined that I’m not going to get sucked into the month-long orgy of over indulgence – I have a video shoot at the beginning of January and running a guilt driven half marathon on Boxing Day is just not my thing thanks!
By the way I’ve not written out one Xmas card and I’m also going to miss the last postal day for sending presents to Australia.

Leaky Vans and Halloween

November 8th, 2012

Things have been pretty manic round here what with Half Term, Halloween and my big girls exam revision (that’s my excuse for not updating the blog lately)

This year we decided to do something different and tried out ‘Halloween Camping’ in the Camper Van(she’s called Elsie and is 24 yrs old) It sounded like a great idea when I first thought of it and the kids were all fired up, however the reality of 2 adults and 6 children in a van with a leaky roof during the heaviest downpour I have ever experienced was quite another matter. Still, it’s all about making memories as they say, and this Halloween is one they won’t forget!

We also had some Chris Packham style fun in the form of ‘Animal Adventure Tracking’ in a local forest and a day out flying Hawks and Owls for youngest Maxwell’s birthday treat.

We rounded off the holiday with a trip to the V&A to see the fantastic Hollywood Costumes exhibition and I have to admit we did fall about laughing at some of the outfits(Wouldn’t be seen dead in that etc etc)

In between all that, I still just about managed to squeeze in a bit of work, plus dog walking and twenty minutes exercise a day! It was a good job as Granny has been to visit bringing with her lots of homemade cakes and goodies to really test my resolve!

I’ve started my Christmas shopping early and have bought lots of lovely goodies from my assistant Kate who is busy sewing lots of personalised bags and cushions etc for her customers. If you want to see her work go to

A Pink Ribbon

October 19th, 2012

On Saturday night Mr M and I were lucky enough to attend the magnificant Pink Ribbon Ball at The Dorchester in London in aid of the Breast Cancer campaign. Mr M was suitably tickled pink to discover that the incredible Paloma Faith was not only singing at the event but was sharing our table. I’m feeling slightly jealous because as soon as we got home he downloaded her album to his ipad and has been playing it on a loop ever since! For myself, although meeting Paloma was wonderful, the highlight of my night was meeting Peppa Pig’s mum – the very lovely Morwenna Banks.

We had a little bit of drama midweek – first I got the time wrong for the youngest Maxwell’s school play and turned up an hour late to find that it had already finished. I was so traumatised by this that on getting home I promptly lost our only set of carkeys and had to ask a friend to drive me back to school for the eldest Maxwell’s appearance in yet another school production, (I was an hour early for that one though!). This morning I was cleaning out the Guinea Pig cage, and there they were – innocently snuggled in the straw and droppings!

On the dog front, things have been surprisingly peaceful this week, but I’m sure it won’t last! Sophie is well but starting to get quite stiff with the change to autumn weather, however Glucosamine and regular walks are helping enourmously.

On the fitness front my love affair with Crossfit has the progressed beyond the Honeymoon period. I’m finding it harder and harder to fit into my lifestyle and have started to slip back into my usual comfortable routine of 20 minute bursts of ‘pick and mix’ exercise that I can fit into my daily routine. I’m booked in again for crossfit next week and will keep trying!

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