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Spring is in the air

April 15th, 2014

Well, Spring seems to have sprung and along with it a sudden unexpected interest in gardening! This week has seen me out in the garden armed with secateurs hacking away at anything that didn’t move. My arms are certainly feeling as though they’ve had a good workout!

The only downside to all this lovely spring weather is the unwelcome return of my Hayfever and associated problems!

I’ve been bravely battling on though and have finally finished filming my new collection of Fitness DVDs. They’re now in Editing but I can’t wait to see the end results!

I’ve also been working on some personal fitness programmes for some lovely competition winners that I met recently in Prague

This weekend I had the honour of coaching young atheletes alongside Steve Green of I can honestly say that Steve is one of my all time heroes – a real coaching Guru who has become one of the top Conditioning coaches in the world.

Well, the kids broke up for Easter a few days ago and with the nice weather I can see that the local swimming pool and tennis courts are going to feature quite large. The youngest Maxwell is also booked onto a council run Cricket course which he’s really looking forward to.

I’ve also decided that we need to give out National Trust card a bit more of a bashing – we’re very lucky to have a few properties locally that are ideal for long family walks.

We’re also not too far from the wonderfully historic Penshurst Place and it’s lovely adventure playground. I took the youngest Maxwell there last week and me being me I couldn’t help ignoring the sign that says ‘under 16s’ only – I had a fantastic workout on the equipment! I was enthusing about it to my assistant Kate and she suggested that we build our own one at home using all the trees that blew down in the recent gales – food for thought!