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At the end of my last blog I asked for suggestions as to where to go on my forthcoming trip to Berlin.

I would just like to thank everybody on twitter sarahmax100 and Facebook for their wonderful suggestions, there were so many and they were so great that I feel I could write a guide book to Berlin!

We had an absolutely fantastic time. Every meal we had was perfect and there were so many amazing things to see in the city.  It was Valentine’s day and I loved that there were no set menu’s and plastic hearts everywhere.

The highlights for me were the beautiful Reichtstag, the Holocaust Memorial, the Anne Frank museum and of course the Berlin Wall. It’s a city so steeped in recent history that’s a bit of a shock to remember that the Wall only came down in 1989.

We were brought back to the realities of family life with a bump on returning from the airport, when I was informed by telephone that Youngest Maxwell had fallen off the sofa and broken his arm! Instead of going home, we diverted to the hospital instead where we spent the next two days camped out with the little casualty!

After a subdued half term ruined somewhat by Youngest Maxwell’s broken arm and subsequent boredom, I was quite looking forward to my trip to Nivea in Budapest  this week to launch their Q10 Fit Club.

From the moment I arrived I was in ‘Girly Heaven’ Instead of my usual exercise demonstration they had arranged for Glamour Magazine to do an all-day photoshoot of the exercises.  First though I had to be ‘glammed up’ and a makeup artist arrived with the biggest box of tricks I’d ever seen!  Next my hair was styled and then they started dressing me up in various ‘new season’ outfits my favourite of which oddly was a white rubber skirt! I felt like a dolly and it was in complete contrast to harassed mum of two that I’d been in the previous week!

The following day I attended a Press Event in central Budapest which is a beautiful city full of very friendly people.  After that I travelled I meet the Nivea team at Biersdorf and take part in a Magazine shoot and several interviews.

All in all it was a lovely couple of days and as usual I had great fun with the Nivea team who are always a delight to work with!