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Moving again!

February 11th, 2014

Well we’ve actually done it! we’ve finally made a permanent move to the country! This week we moved into our new home (that we own rather than rent) – it’s been a long old process as I reminded Mr M last night when we watched an old DVD of us appearing on the BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country’. I’d secretly applied for us to be on the programme years ago when I wanted to move to the country but he didn’t – sneaky eh? Through the course of the programme we only viewed three country properties but by the third I’d won him round and many years of viewing properties in several different counties followed!

So our new home is hard won but worth it – I love waking up every morning looking out onto nothing but fields

My usual regime of fitting in exercise around all my other chores, has for the last week revolved around the lifting of an excessive amount of boxes. They may mostly contain rubbish but my arms are definitely ready for the shorter sleeves of summer!

In between the move I’ve thankfully still managed to put in my stint coaching at Tonbridge Athletics club. As always I’m in awe of the total dedication given by this amazing group of professionals. They give up their time, not for money but through a sheer love of sport and a desire to realise the dreams of the next generation of Sports men and women.

So after an exhausting week or so I’m very excited to be off on a trip to Berlin! I’ve never been before so I’d love to get some tweets from all you lovely people with ideas of places to visit – @SarahMax100