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November 5th, 2013

After many years away from Athletics I was very excited a few weeks ago when Tonbridge Athletics club accepted my offer to do some voluntary coaching.  When I turned up the first week, the adrenalin rush that hit confirmed to me just how much I had missed the whole world of Athletics.

I have to say that there is some serious talent there (including I’m sure some future Olympians!) and they are a delight to teach!  I’m now starting to get quite excited about the Brazil Olympics!

In the meantime my Claygate team are going great guns and their fitness sessions with me should see them in peak condition for the Christmas parties!

My outdoor classes on our local common also continue despite the new chill in the air, it’s been a good measure of general hardiness though as I’ve seen numbers drop off as the drizzle has set in.  Unfortunately we have to accept that we live in England not the Carribbean, and have started devising a new workout that can be done whilst wearing Wellies and rainhats!