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Well, the season of mellow mists and general sogginess is upon us once again but I have some lovely memories of September’s Retreat in Deia, Majorca to keep me warm for a while longer. As usual we had a really lovely bunch of ladies of varied ability and with very different needs but by the end of the week they had all achieved a lot and felt fabulous!

We were lucky to have picked a week when the fresh fruit and veg on the Estate was at its best and every morning I started the day by doing the rounds with a basket ‘harvesting’ goodies to make big fresh salads. The little organic tomatoes especially were incredible and we all gorged ourselves on Persimmons growing wild on the terrace trees.

Of course every trip has its funny moments and ours was getting lost on a hike – we had to be rescued by the lovely Monika with her car. Please be assured that on the next Retreat I will have thoroughly pre-checked the route and gained a mastery of both map and Sat Nav!

Bloom Fitness Retreat May 19th – May 24th 2014
Sept. 26th – Oct. 1st 2014

Please contact the lovely Monika to book your place( Monika’s e mail is on the website, I can’t post it for some reason!)

May 19th – May 24th 2014
Sept. 26th – Oct. 1st 2014

Sarah x