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So excited! – in just a few days I’ll be heading off to Majorca for the first of this year’s Bloom Fitness Retreats. I’ve just checked the weather report and the high will be 25 DegC – mind you, I’m writing this in the garden at home at the moment and it’s HOT here too!

I’ve started packing which is proving to be a bit of a struggle as Reebok have very kindly given me so many backpacks and waterbottles that there isn’t room for much else! I will however find a little corner for the Aromatherapy oils which have just arrived – those lucky ladies don’t realise how much I love giving foot massages!

Of course going away for 6 days has meant that I’ve had to get everything super organised at home – the look of panic on Mr M’s face when he realised how much he would have to do – on top of working – was priceless! (Welcome to my world is all I can say!). It’s meant lots of extra work in the office too and I’ve been setting the alarm on my laptop for every two hours to remind myself to get up and do 2 minutes of exercise and movement this has been anything from running round the field once to a quick session on the trampoline! I’ve also had to adjust my dog walks too to fit more in to a shorter time frame (which also suits old lady Sophie anyway)- instead of just walking to keep up with the dogs I’ve perfected a sort of quick work-out walk incorporating skipping, running on the spot and jumping over logs – it’s certainly kept the lambs amused!