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The New Year

January 29th, 2013

Well hello there! Hope you all had a fab Christmas break, sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged – I can’t believe my last blog entry was on 12th Dec! – you can tell what it’s been like.
Apart from the usual chaos of Christmas, we’ve had the snow to contend with – and not the polite sugar dusting I was used to in London, oh no – out here in rural Kent it REALLY knows how to snow!! Saying that, it has actually been a great opportunity for us all to engage in more unusual forms of exercise – rolling big balls of snow to make snowmen is great for toning the arms; trudging through snow drifts in wellies really works the legs, running around having snowball fights is very aerobic – the list is endless! My favourite snow exercise of course is sledging! – I’m not sure who enjoys it more – me or the kids, and the best bit is that climbing back up the hill dragging the sledge burns tons of calories!
Of course it’s not all pastoral perfection – living where we do, on a farm in the middle of nowhere means regular power cuts! Over the past few weeks we’ve regularly had to do without lights or heating, I tell you – It’s been like a re-enactment of horrible histories! At one point I was reduced to working from bed wearing my ski suit!
Meanwhile,  choreography with Dan has been going well and we’re nearly ready for filming. As my eldest will agree, I’m by no means the worlds best dancer but I’m trying to improve!