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Blog 12 December 2012

I mentioned last week that I’d incorporated my weight training workout into the Christmas Shopping, well this week I took it to unintentional extremes! I went shopping to a nearby town and left my car in an unfamiliar carpark, now at this point a sensible person would take note of their surroundings to aid return wouldn’t they? well, that not being my style I just merrily strode off looking forward to a day of shopping.

Fast forward to late afternoon and with just enough time before school pick up – I set off with SIX bags on EACH ARM to return to the car. By now of course, it’s dark and I’m in a strange part of town and somebody’s moved the carpark!!!

An hour and a half later, with arms trailing on the floor like a gorilla and feet beginning to bleed (knew I shouldn’t have worn heels) the carpark suddenly decides to re-materialise and I collapse sobbing and shaking into the car and head off to school where they were very kindly holding onto the youngest Maxwell whilst I was ‘held up in a meeting’.

My penance for my outrageous porky came the next morning when my arms were so painful that I could barely move them!

Further penance followed in the form of Sophie – we all knew that she was a bit of a chocaholic but this week she’s turned into a chocolate seeking missile – first she ate the childrens’ Advent calendars and then this morning she managed to seek out and snaffle the eldest Maxwell’s chocolate Secret Santa that she was meant to take into school today!

I’m going to try and forget about all the stress this week as youngest Maxwell is singing at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall in London with the Young Voices Foundation. (

I’ve also had lots of fun working on choreography for a new project. The lovely Dan O’Neil has been helping me with this – the poor guy has really had his work cut out trying to improve my co-ordination!

Well, I guess that’s me for this year, I doubt I’ll have time to blog over the next couple of weeks so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas – try not to totally abandon your workouts over the holidays, if you keep up a ‘skeleton’ regime you won’t feel so bad when things return to normal in the New Year! x

Christmas run up

December 4th, 2012

Well here we are, not many days days till Christmas, party scene in full swing and I’ve decided to be sensible this year (“at last!” pipes up Mr M in the background). Before I go out to a party I’m going to have a little something to eat before I leave the house so that I don’t end up wrestling the canape waiter to the ground because I’m so hungry.

If three courses are on offer, I’m only going to have two – starter and main course. If pudding looks good, I’ll ditch the starter.

Obviously it’s been hard to find the time to exercise so I’ve been doing lots of ‘On the Go’ stuff whilst whizzing round the house and doing a few shortie workouts, plus the muddy dog walks. Christmas shopping has also presented lots of exercise opportunities -witness plenty of weight lifting and power walking around the shopping centre.

I’m determined that I’m not going to get sucked into the month-long orgy of over indulgence – I have a video shoot at the beginning of January and running a guilt driven half marathon on Boxing Day is just not my thing thanks!
By the way I’ve not written out one Xmas card and I’m also going to miss the last postal day for sending presents to Australia.