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Leaky Vans and Halloween

November 8th, 2012

Things have been pretty manic round here what with Half Term, Halloween and my big girls exam revision (that’s my excuse for not updating the blog lately)

This year we decided to do something different and tried out ‘Halloween Camping’ in the Camper Van(she’s called Elsie and is 24 yrs old) It sounded like a great idea when I first thought of it and the kids were all fired up, however the reality of 2 adults and 6 children in a van with a leaky roof during the heaviest downpour I have ever experienced was quite another matter. Still, it’s all about making memories as they say, and this Halloween is one they won’t forget!

We also had some Chris Packham style fun in the form of ‘Animal Adventure Tracking’ in a local forest and a day out flying Hawks and Owls for youngest Maxwell’s birthday treat.

We rounded off the holiday with a trip to the V&A to see the fantastic Hollywood Costumes exhibition and I have to admit we did fall about laughing at some of the outfits(Wouldn’t be seen dead in that etc etc)

In between all that, I still just about managed to squeeze in a bit of work, plus dog walking and twenty minutes exercise a day! It was a good job as Granny has been to visit bringing with her lots of homemade cakes and goodies to really test my resolve!

I’ve started my Christmas shopping early and have bought lots of lovely goodies from my assistant Kate who is busy sewing lots of personalised bags and cushions etc for her customers. If you want to see her work go to