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I’m very happy to report that last week’s wedding went off without a hitch – my hair and ‘very green’ dress were fine in the end and I didn’t embarrass myself – apart from when my stiletto heels kept sinking into the soft lawn pitching me backwards mid conversation – not particularly classy!

This week has been very exciting as I’ve started ‘Cross Fit’ and after three sessions so far I’m loving it! At the moment I’m still learning the technique (a combination of sprinting, rowing, skipping and climbing etc combined with barbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells and a range of bodyweight exercises). Once I’ve mastered the techinique I’ll be able to go to classes and I can’t wait. What I love about the concept is the fact that the huge variety of exercises changes every time so there’s no opportunity to get bored. I also love that I’m being taught in a class, this is quite rare for me and a valuable experience – it also gave me an opportunity to wear all my lovely new Reebok kit in public! Interestingly despite it being class taught each person is only competing with themselves so it’s perfect for all abilities and those lacking in confidence.

I’ve also discovered that the philosphy behind ‘Cross Fit’ is actually very similar to my own and to the NIVEA ‘On the Go’ programme and that the new things I’m learning will compliment and enhance the programme further. I’ve certainly come away from it with inspiration for new short routines and can’t wait to try them out.

It’s also fired me up to hold some more Booty Camps. After the last one I had a lot of feedback from women that would like to bring their partner to the next one so I’m considering the idea of Saturday Booty Camps – watch this space!

Gary the Greyhound is no longer with us – after much deliberation and heart searching we all decided that it would be better for him if he lived with other Greyhounds in a house dedicated to his particular needs and happily I can report that he is now has a wonderful new home in Tunbridge Wells with another Greyhound called Danny. We can go and see him whenever we want and have regular updates so we know that he’s very happy and settled. I can look back now and think how grateful I am that Gary came to OUR door for help – I’ve since discovered that he’d been to many of our former neighbours without success. I’d like to take the opportunity of thanking the Kent Greyhound Rescue organisation for all their help and support during this time. Their website is:

As you may have guessed, this Geordie lass is not particularly girly and when a wedding invitation arrives, the initial feeling of excitement is usually followed by a panic attack about what to wear. I have to confess that I go into denial until the week of the actual wedding and then rush around at the last minute trying to throw something together – and true to form that’s the situation I find myself in today!

The wedding is this weekend and after forcing myself to go shopping yesterday for a dress and a sort of ‘fascinator / mini hat thingy’(are these in or out?) I also bought Kate Middleton shoes(nude ones but cheaper) I was feeling quite smug and confident that this time I’d cracked it! Imagine my despair when on twirling in front of Mr M his first comment was ‘it’s very green’, followed shortly by ‘have you got any other ones?’

Wedding hair ‘do’s’ are in my ‘Room 101’ as well – I have the sort of hair that just will not hold a style and of course I’d forgotten to book an appointment, the only one I could get was for 8.30am for a 3pm wedding so that was a non starter! My eldest helpfully informed me that she had heard that Andrea McClean from ‘Loose Women’ uses heated rollers to tame her fabulous locks and had the most beautiful hair in the World so I wellied it down to Boots to get my hands on some.

An hour later I fixed the last roller into place and relaxed with a sigh of relief. 3 minutes later they’d all slipped out! According to my little resident hair expert I’d used the wrong size clips, ‘just let me do it Mum!’ she sighed, so I gave in and let her do it – 20 minutes later they were all on the floor again!

All I can hope now is that by the time of the wedding I will have channelled my inner Andrea McClean and will be looking totally fabulous – or NOT!

The wedding is this Saturday, will report back

Summer Holidays

September 3rd, 2012

I’m so excited! We are going to the Paralympics tomorrow, the Olympic Games were awesome enough but to be able to see the incredible achievements of people who have overcome such incredible physical difficulties is going to be something else entirely!

This will be my third Olympic outing this summer – I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Women’s football at Wembley for Team GB v Brazil, I came away really impressed by the quality of the women’s playing of ‘The Beautiful Game’. I’ve also already been to the Olympic Park – the lovely people at Adidas invited me to their Press lounge and I had a fab time gawping at all the Team GB athletes as they did their post event interviews.

I have to say, we’ve definately experienced the ‘Legacy’ of the Olympics in our house – these last few weeks of the school holidays have been given over entirely to various sports. I haven’t done any work at all (not helped by our rural steam powered broadband dying on us for several days!) Instead the kids have been on a couple of sports courses and spent a lot of time at the local pool pretending to be Michael Phelps. I’ve also discovered my inner Bradley Wiggins – I’ve been out with the kids a lot on our bikes – exploring our new surroundings – mind you I’ve also discovered that gears that were fine in London are completely pants when it comes to trying to cope with the hills around here!

The hills have been good though for providing a beautiful terrain for Power Walking which I’ve been doing most of the summer with a friend of mine, our Reebok Easytone’s have been working very hard this Summer.

It hasn’t all been about sports though this summer – I’ve done a few educational things too with the kids – we had a family wedding Up North so I took them to the wonderful Hadrian’s Wall and the other day we went to the relatively new Dickens World near Chatham. I was didn’t know what to expect and was a bit aprehensive- but it was really well done with actors dressed up as Dickens characters and several short enactments throughout the day and everything set within a re-creation of Victorian London. I came away feeling that the kids had actually learnt something!

Talking of learning – I’ve become quite an expert on sheep and goats living as we do in the middle of a sheep farm. The farmer who owns the house we’re renting is very friendly and more than happy to pass on his knowledge. He’s even let me help out a few times and I can reliably inform you that chasing a goat across a field and then holding it while an enema is administered is a surprisingly good workout – my arms were really feeling the after effects the next day! I can’t wait until Spring when he’s said I can help with the lambing and yes I know it will mean getting up at 4am and might involve sticking my arm up a sheep’s bum but it’s all part of getting the most out of life’s experiences and opportunities!