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The holidays

July 30th, 2012

Just got back from our family holiday in Morocco, with temperatures hitting the 50s it was never going to be easy with two youngish kids. My eldest did get quite frazzled especially having to wear the obligatory head scarf – although she did look fab in it!

The highlight of the week was a ride out on camels into the Sahara Desert where we camped out under the stars and my past Festival experience came in very handy in a place without loos! My youngest discovered his ‘inner Lawrence of Arabia’ with a fine command of his camel and I took the most amazing photo on my ipod of the shadows the four of us made as we trecked across the sand. I even managed to get some inspiration for some moves for a workout from a demonstration of traditional Berber music and dance!

Back now in Blighty’s mini heatwave and very excited about The Olympics (or should I say London 2012 Games – don’t want to get into trouble for breaching copyright!), anyway, I took the kids into London yesterday and the atmosphere was amazing, everybody was really buzzing and the kids loved spotting all the official pink Olympic direction signs.

Of course we’re still surrounded by boxes even though it’s weeks now since the move. A little angel has joined us, however, in the form of my young God Daughter who it would seem has a love of cleaning – in the time she’s been here she has totally organised my eldest’s bedroom, cleaned the house from top to toe and just now I found her hoovering out the car! I rang her Dad just now to ask if she could stay a second week…

As always the school Summer Holidays are a bitter sweet combination of quality time with the kids whilst also fighting the Boredom Battle, trying to get some work done and trying to make sure that healthy exercise is obtained by all. I’ve discovered lots of things that kill two birds with one stone like Strawberry Picking – the farm is a 15 minute walk down the lane (exercise), the picking takes a couple of hours (Boredom held in bay) and they come back with lovely fresh fruit (that’s the shopping done!) Another good ruse is water fights in the garden – they think they’re having naughty fun but actually they’re burning off loads of energy running round and round in the fresh air! Other healthy diversions I’ve so far come up with are dog walking and garden treasure hunts.

It was my birthday last week while I was away, and today Kate my assistant brought me a bag that she’d made for me – it’s made from a fabric featuring British dogs and has a red heart keyring attached to it featuring an S with a crown over it – I love it!!

Moving and Goats

July 4th, 2012

Well we did it – we finally moved! but of course being a Maxwell move it had to have a bizarre encounter with an animal somewhere in it, so in a minute you’re going to meet Mabel….the goat!

All was going well, we got the keys, all the boxes were packed and the big day arrived. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and got up at 5am (!) I drove over to the new house (which is on a farm) with the dogs and decided to take them for a walk while I waited for the rest of the world to wake up. I hadn’t gone far before I came across a discarded sheepskin rug lying in a ditch and nearly jumped out of my skin when the rug bleated. Thinking I must be hallucinating from lack of sleep I made to move on but then the rug moved! Of course by now the dogs were going loopy and nosing round the rug so I went to have a look and course it turned out to not be a rug at all but a very cute, very young goat who looked completely dehydrated.

Well, I couldn’t leave the poor thing lying there like that so I went back to the house, found an old curtain to wrap it in and brought it back to the house. When the removal men turned up at 10am thay found me crouched on the lounge floor feeding a goat water from an improvised teat made from the fingers of a Marigold glove!

To cut a long story short, the goat turned out to be called Mabel and had been missing for a few days and we are now definately in the good books of our new landlord the farmer!

To be honest Mabel was only one of many curve balls that were pitched my way during the move – I’d only just got back from my trip to Poland and also had to cope with school Sports Day and junior Maxwell’s violin concert both of which were helpfully scheduled to coincide with moving day! The removal men thankfully were fantastic, a really nice bunch of guys and even the Grandmas pitched in to ensure that we got in!

The kids break up at the end of this week and then we’re off on holiday – I just can’t wait!!