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This week I was in Poland -Not for the football, I was there for NIVEA to help out at a bloggers’ event. I didn’t get off to a great start – everyone was very impressed when I walked out of the airport with only a tiny bag, it was at this point that I realised that I’d left my suitcase on the carousel!

I really enjoyed the event which was held in Sopot a really beautiful seaside resort and Poland’s answer to Monte Carlo. The bloggers were lovely and as most of them were in their twenties they were definately up for some fun. On our last night we went to a fantastic restaurant and were entertained by the runner up in ‘Poland’s Got Talent’, the very talented Piotr Karpienia. I managed to embarrass a few of the younger bloggers by demanding an encore and then enncouraging them to join in!

To be honest it was great to get away from the fallout from ‘GuineaPigGate’ – just before I left we had an ‘incident’ in the garden – the ‘pigs run was moved accidently and unfortunately this left it on a slight slope which left a gap underneath for the guinea’s to escape through – and escape they did! After much screaming from the youngest Maxwells I spent the next hour dressed in my salopettes lying full length in a big patch of nettles waving a carrot around and trying to coax ‘Elvis’ to return to civilisation. It was a big family effort, even the grandparents had a big role. Honestly – the things we do for our children!

We had further trauma last week when the eldest of the junior Maxwells had to go into hospital to have some teeth out. It was horrible watching her going under the anaesthetic and even worse seeing her in pain afterwards, I can only imagine what it must be like for the parents of seriously ill children

On a lighter note – we finally move house this week. Mr M has been sorting out quotes to repair the doggy damage to the house, which so far incudes replacing chewed doors and all the carpets. This is the first time we’ve had carpets downstairs and I can assure you it will definately be the last – dogs, guinea pigs and carpets definately do not mix!

Jubilee etc

June 15th, 2012

Well, that’s the Jubilee weekend out of the way and what fun we had! We started the festivities with a camp over in the school grounds. We took our Camper Van and slipped into full Festival mode listening to the (surprisingly good) school band. Next morning I had a very unusual workout using the apparatus in the school playground and what a great workout that was, I’m going to do it more often!

We also went to some great parties, my favourite being a 1950s one where everyone dressed in vintage 1950s clothes and burnt off the Hog Roast by Jiving and Jitterbugging. I can certainly recommend it as a great form of exercise!

Another great form of exercise is the Zumba classes that I started trying out a few weeks ago. The thing I love about Zumba is that it’s not at all precious or pressurised – just a great fun way to burn off the calories. After we’ve moved I’m going to start taking my eldest so we can have some girl time.

Two weeks to go now and I’ve sort of started packing, I’ve also started tackling the garden which needs to be pristine when we hand it back to the agents – I’ve come up with a cunning plan for mowing the lawn which doesn’t involve having to get the lawnmower out…Guinea Pig Power! – By moving the run on each day, that grass is slowly being nibbled away one small patch a day!

So the ‘pigs’ are one section of the Maxwell Zoo that’s in my good books at the moment – I can’t say the same for the Canines. Benson and Gary have both been behaving like delinquent teenagers lately and taking rather too much interest in the Guinea Pigs. I’ve had to return to full training mode with both and no letting up I’m afraid boys :)