I’m back from Spain having looked at a potential venue for my Retreats and found the perfect place. It’s in the most beautiful part of Majorca, high up a stunning mountain, complete with Chef, 2 swimming pools & a jacuzzi.

Of course I had to test out the wonderful array of massages on offer and sample the amazing healthy food we will be providing! For me the most amazing feature is that it has it’s own fresh mountain water supply and an abundance of fruit trees and organic vegetables – so snacking at anytime will never be a problem!

On my return I was pleased to find that Mr M had tidied up & all was good – however with us all back in the house and the Easter holidays still on, chaos reigns again. I’ve been trying to work in the dining room to a background of chemistry experiments in the kitchen! I’m going for a run later to try and clear my head so that I can think about preparations for my trip to Germany next week to see the lovely people from NIVEA

Mr M’s fitness levels have recently benefited from the attentions of Clive my lovely trainee Fitness Instructor – of course it’s typical that hubby is far happier to follow instructions from Clive than his own wife! Actually I’m very glad to know that Clive possesses the ‘magic of motivation’ as he will be helping me to run my Booty Camps this year

At least my assistant Kate does what I say! I’ve got her fitting in a half hour walk into her busy life by splitting it down into three lots of ten minutes – she goes for a short walk after breakfast, at lunchtime and in the evening while supper is cooking and says she is already feeling the benefit and enjoying having those valuable ten minutes of uninterrupted ‘thinking time’

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