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I’ve been having great fun at the Ideal Home Show in the last week presenting the Reebok Easytone Challenge. There was a great response to my presentation with lots of people joining in with enthusiasm!

Prior to this, at the weekend, I was delighted to receive my own copy of the Reebok workout DVD, and even more so when my youngest proceeded to work his way through all the exercises copying his mum on screen! This was great as I do believe that it is so important to get kids interested in fitness from an early age.

Well they say Pride comes before a fall and my punishment for being mildly pleased with my published Reebok photoshoot in Grazia last week, is that this week I’ve developed full blown Hay Fever with consequent swollen face! My mortification was not helped this morning, when on seeing my face, my youngest (him again!) collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter! I’m back at the Ideal Home Show tomorrow – I think I may have to develop a new ‘paper bag on head’ routine!

The end of this week sees the start of the school Easter holidays and my eldest is off on a 6 day school trip. I decided that I would take a step back and allow her to pack her own luggage, however, without her knowing I sneaked a peak in her bag and was pleased to see she had her priorities right – the bag contained 3 pairs of knickers, a pair of trainers and a One Direction poster!!

Meanwhile I’m off to Spain next week to visit a very special lady and look at a wonderful new venue for this years’ Sarah Maxwell Retreats. My hubby isn’t too pleased, but only because it means with both of us gone he’ll now be in sole charge of the Guinea Pigs!

Gary continues to thrive and I would say that his paws are now firmly under the dining room table. I have to laugh sometimes – when Barney comes round, the house now resembles Battersea Dogs Home!

Spring has Sprung!

March 21st, 2012

Gary – our doggy left on the doorstep, continues to thrive and fit into our canine family. The only troublesome element seems to be Barney next door who’s nose is still distinctly out of joint – there he was quite happy as number two dog around the neighbourhood and Master of the Guinea Pigs until Gary turned up. The two of them haven’t yet worked out that two brains are better than one, and that if they formed an alliance they could very quickly launch a joint offensive on the Guinea Pig run!

When Gary first turned up I wondered if he had formerly been a racing Greyhound – I got my answer yesterday. I was taking him for a walk when a noise like a gun going off sounded from the neighbour’s field and before I knew it, Gary was off racing across the field with me on the other end of the lead! That was one very fast and very muddy way of getting exercise!

The Breast Cancer Campaign’s Girls v Boys running event was launched this week – I’m captain of the girls’ team and England rugby player Chris Cracknell is captain of the boys and we have to race each other – I’m really not looking forward to that!! If you want to join in it’s on the 20th May in Southwark Park, London SE16 at 11am. You just need to get together with a member of the opposite sex and challenge each other to a 5k race. There can only be one winner! To register go to

The Grazia photo shoot I did for the NIVEA Reebok Easy Tone workout came out this week (26th March issue) and I’m really pleased with it – especially the totally fab jacket I got to wear – such a shame I don’t get to keep the clothes!

Later on in the week I’m at the Ideal Home exhibition, again for the Reebok Easy Tone challenge. Timewise it really is going to be a challenge as mid way through I have to rush out to go and record some voiceovers before rushing back for the last session at the show!

At least Spring is officially here now and Easter is on the way – my assistant Kate came looking for me earlier with some papers to sign and found me spray painting Easter gift baskets in the garden – as I always say – it’s all about fitting it in!

Maxwell Madhouse

March 19th, 2012

A new addition to the family….

Last week I flew out to Hamburg to NIVEA HQ where I had meetings with the lovely NIVEA team to discuss exciting plans for the Q10 fitness club. They also very kindly allowed me to be a scientist for the day (complete with white lab coat!) – I was shown around their immaculate laboratories and had a look at all the lovely natural ingredients that go into their products. I couldn’t believe it when they actually allowed me to make some Q10 body lotion myself – I was so excited when the four bottles I made, arrived and were applied with gusto after a tough training session in the park.

I’m now gearing up for the Ideal Home Show later in the week where I shall be presenting the Reebok Easytone Workout and giving away some fantastic Reebok prizes .My tips are in GRAZIA magazine this week too.

With Easter on it’s way I recently bought some really cute little egg cosies from my assistant Kate, who has recently started up her own business designing and selling handmade gifts made from new, recycled and vintage fabrics – check out her stuff on

Meanwhile, life in the Maxwell Zoo has become even more bonkers with the sudden arrival of….Gary! Gary is the temporary name we’ve given to the very skinny half dead Greyhound that turned up in our garden at the weekend! To cut a long story of huge vets bills and a visit to a Travellers site short, Gary has now joined our family and even in just a week is looking so much better. He’s a real sweetie and although he has obviously had a hard life is extremely loving and protective of us all. Happily there have been no jealousy issues with existing Labs, Benson and Sophie, but Barney next door was distinctly ‘nose out of joint’ for the first couple of days but is now overjoyed to have yet another playmate. In the meantime all suggestions for a new name will be gratefully received!

The kids are back to school and peace reigns! I’m starting the week by seeing Personal Training clients in London – just to make sure they haven’t been naughty while I’ve been away!

Last week I taking part in a Photoshoot for the Breast Cancer Campaign to promote their exciting Girls vs Boys event in May.

After the excitement of that, it’s back to the usual household chores – I still haven’t unpacked from my trip to Helsinki and now I have to re-pack for a trip to Germany this week. I’m going to be shown around the NIVEA laboratory’s in Hamburg to meet the Scientists and have Sushi at my favorite restaurant(Oh the joy of being cooked for)

Back at the Maxwell Zoo I’ve been trying to improve the eating habits of our older dog Sophie (who is a habitual bin-raider) – I’ve put her on quite a strict diet with only carrots for treats, however instead of embracing her new healthy lifestyle, Sophie decided to totally embarrass me by breaking into next door’s house and stealing a whole pat of butter off their kitchen work surface! This was followed up a couple of days later by a call from an angry local farmer to say that she was sampling their pig swill!