Oh dear, my new years resolution to keep on top of my blog has already slipped slightly – I’m a week behind, but in my defense may I point out that it has been an extremely busy week! After a lot of preparation, meetings and a rehearsal I spent all last Friday filming with Reebok NIVEA and M&C Saatchi for the Reebok EasyTone Workout DVD. I have to say it was actually very relaxed and great fun with some quality team work going on between all involved.

I got back very late on Friday night but ready for a family weekend. The highlight of Saturday was a ‘date’ in Waitrose with Hubby- it was the first time in ages that we’d gone together to a supermarket and it felt incredibly ‘naughty’ being alone with him! The freedom obviously went to our heads as we nearly got into trouble trolley racing across the carpark (great cardio vascular exercise though!!)

Once inside, the opportunities for exercise opened up even further as I discovered that I could use the trolley to do rotation exercises to tone up my abs and Hubby used the checkout queue to practise his Pilates.

Back home again I had the boring task of doing a weeks housework in advance in order to have everything ready for my week long trip to The Czech Republic and Slovakia – more on this next week…

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