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Oh dear

September 22nd, 2010

This last week has been one of great excitement in the Maxwell 
household. The children especially liked having a camera crew in our house for three days filming for Nivea – all of the family were involved, even the dogs! The other mums at school must be all wondering what I have been up to – it’s not every day I turn up with full makeup on, with my hair looking wonderful whilst wearing smart clothes!
The last few days have been especially crazy. I’ve had to fit in PT clients, 
pack and prepare for my presentations and live TV debut in 
Johannesburg. On top of that I have been organising childcare, dog care and directing my husband which have all taken time not to mention, fitting in exercise and ensuring that I eat well and have plenty of rest.

Due to the high speed of my life at the moment I have had to be extremely organised 
and I am really proud that I have achieved so much this week. Last night we all sat down and have a farewell dinner, it’s not every often I go away for a night alone let alone for a whole week without the children – it has been a big event. Bed time hugs seemed to go on forever and so I was ready for my huge trip!


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