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Life’s lessons are easy to learn if we start our kids on them when they’re young. So, regular exercise, improved overall fitness and eating healthy food can become the norm almost before before children have had a chance to do things differently!

But how can you get your children to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Many parents call me and ask me to get their children fitter and sort out their diet, but I always start with parents first, to make sure the messages they give their children are the right ones. Put simply: don’t preach, lead by example! Read this story »

Curvy or not?

June 16th, 2010

I had to laugh (or was it a scream) today when reading one of the more  popular celeb interest mags!! Now being curvy is in, last week everyone was juicing and going on a detox to be perfect  and skinny on the beach. Give us a break, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE WOMEN WRITING THIS STUFF- GO ON SHOW YOURSELVES, I know you have to change your minds as often as you change your pants in order to create new  interest every week but don’t you think we girls need to support each other instead of bitching about what ???? looks like, how much cellulite she had in order for us to feel better. Lets feel great and show the world that whatever shape or size you are, you are great and if you judge it’s only to make yourself better because it’s you with the insecurities.

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